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R & D Research and development

Euro Seating sole manufacturers and designers of a new concept in seating. The ECO line.

This original, new technology is the future for all users of natural wood as well as those who want to achieve a smarter, more elegant look in the design of their halls and seating. Made of hard-wearing, high-density plastic, the appearance is very similar to natural wood, but with the advantages of plastic: 100% maintenance-free, waterproof – it does not absorb moisture-, very easy to clean, strong and hard-wearing, as well as being environment-friendly. Fine, elegant finishes while conserving natural resources, and at a lower price. Ask us for more information. See more

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Exclusive technology for the transmission of audio-tactile signals to the seat… to completely feel what you are seeing.

Thunderbox is an exclusive, patented EURO SEATING system.
THUNDERBOX transports the spectator to the centre of the action. A film is no longer something you just watch and hear. Now, with Thunderbox, you can live it in all its intensity and through all the senses.


Catalogo Millenium

Injected / Theatre / Concert Hall

Seats created to impose themselves through their aesthetic strength, their design, because the unwavering quality of the materials which go into each seat transmits a character which can leave no one unmoved. High-tech materials created by a company for which innovation is the byword, thanks to the application of injection-moulding to seating for events halls.
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Catalogo ECO


Nature has inspired us to create a new generation product in its own image. Faithful to the raw material, wood, in its textures, colours and finishes, and with exceptional properties in seeking to help to conserve the environment, our woods and our surroundings, by replacing natural wood with high quality, recyclable plastic materials.
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Catalogo COLORS


COLORS sets out to be a state of the art model through its daring use of combinations of colours and textures. It has a real “touch” of colour which makes it stand out and brings intensity to any venue in which it is installed. A commitment to being unique. Each of the lines which make up this Series (Intense, Metal and Logic) has its own personality, but they all come together in a concept, a STYLE of their own.
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Catalogo Studio


EURO SEATING do not have closed product catalogues. Our style is to offer design and composition options based on the fruit of our experience and research into materials, colours, textures… In EURO SEATING we stick to the maxim that it should be the customer who finally brings his tastes and preferences to the ultimate choice.
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Catalogo Micra


A versatile, elegant line of seats for places where space is of crucial importance, with lots of installation options, whether fixed, movable, in tiered stands, folding or telescopic tiers, … adaptable to either manual or automatic tilting mechanisms. Ideal for multi-purpose halls.
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Catalogo de Sports


A line of specially designed seats and seating developed to satisfy the highest demands of comfort and quality for indoor and outdoor installations. We are the only manufacturers who incorporate high quality plastic elements into our structures. There is no rusting or corrosion and they require zero maintenance.
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