COLORS offers a very wide seating range in high-quality injected polypropylene, both regarding textures and finishes as well as colours combinations.



Decorative combinations by means of quality materials and great design.


Perceived by our senses, interpreted by our mind.


We turn a concept into a depiction of forms, lines and colours.

Own cutting-edge style

Ground-breaking aesthetics

The COLORS range conveys an outstanding avant-garde style through a ground-breaking aesthetics, daring colours and textures and a striking creativity which gets all your attention, even the attention of the most demanding ones.

The aesthetics of the COLORS seats captivates anyone who gazes at them by means of a pleasant synaesthesia which merges colour shades and textures, unexpected, enjoyable, smart and harmonious combinations.

Innovative nature

Total flexibility

The COLOR range highlights the innovative nature and full flexibility that EURO SEATING offers, thus making possible the creation of a seat showing its own and surprising personality and which completely adapts to the customer’s requirements, paying attention to every small detail.