Thunderbox is a system especially developed for cinema seats which receives the sound waves and transforms them into tactile impulses. These signals are processed, amplified and sent to the seat, so the spectator feels the sound in the form of tactile waves.

Sense perception

Experience what you see

Thunderbox can reproduce all sound signals, even those ones imperceptible for the human ear, turning them into “tactile sound” received by the spectator in seat pan and/or backrest.

All the seats with Thunderbox are connected to each other and, in turn, to a receptor which allows them to be synchronized with the image and sound of the film.

Thunderbox offers numerous advantages


    Thunderbox provides new technology which sets it apart from the rest of cinemas, as it will never be possible for traditional seats and cinema halls to offer such technology.

  • Enhanced experience

    The Thunderbox experience improves the performance of films offering 3D, D-BOX, IMAX…, since Thunderbox increases the sensations received by the spectator. The Thunderbox “tactile sound” is a perfect complement for the last cinema trends.

  • Suitable for every cinema

    Thunderbox can be installed in every cinema hall and it is equally effective for all types of films: action, horror, animation…


    Thunderbox is an ideal element for big cinema halls and broadcasting event halls. Thanks to Thunderbox the spectator enjoys this unique, dynamic and much more real experience, almost interacting as another leading player in the film action.


    Thunderbox increases the number of viewers because it enhances the spectator’s experience.


    Thunderbox transmits “tactile” impulses to the seat, thus enhancing the spectator’s experience, especially in cinema halls and sports broadcasting event halls.

Enjoy your Thunderbox experirience.

Do not let them tell you!