12 Nov 20

10 years by working closely Ingenieria e Innovación – Euro Seating



From the beginning more than 25 years ago, we have always aimed our efforts to a continuous growth strategy and innovation has always been the key.

We design and innovates in the 100% of our products, major base in our business strategy.


10 years with Ingenieria e Innovación - Euro Seating Internacional




Ingenieria e innovación has an extended career, working with mor than 300 companies, business associations and entities that promote R&D projects. From Euro Seating we started 10 years ago by working closely with them, that that has allowed us to grow, being pioneers in the industry.


We consider necessary to innovate constantly in R&D with the aim of our seats are always in the forefront of all the market sectors. We develop 100% of our seats in our production centres, more than 40.000 square metres equipped with state of the art technology and all necessary technical resources so we can control every process, being adapted to any customer needs. We have all necessary technical resources: design and product development, manufacturing sustemas,  moulding, technical solutions..


Nowadays we have a powerful distribution network worldwide.